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We are a Minnesota public relations firm that works with companies of all sizes, from small organizations with only a local presence to companies that operate across the entire nation.

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What is public relations (PR)?

When you break down the word public relations it provides a helpful depiction of the specialty field. Public: people, a target audience, consumers, group members, etc. Relations: a connection creating a bond between two things. Therefore, the purpose of public relations is to facilitate, grow and strengthen the relationship between an organization and its people.

What is social media?

Social media pertains to website platforms dedicated to enabling users to interact with each other. The most popular social media platforms today are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Even though social media was initially created for personal use, today organizations are using social media for professional use. Business social media accounts allow organizations to reach target audiences and directly engage with customers, two very powerful tactics.

What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

Behind-the-scenes work is done online every day because creating and maintaining a strong website presence is imperative to the welfare of an organization. Search engine optimization is at the very core of all online behind-the-scenes work. SEO is what helps search engines understand your website and furthermore helps people find your business.

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