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What happened at the 2017 MnSearch Summit?

While this year’s Minnesota Search Engine Marketing Association (MnSearch) Summit didn’t feature Rand Fishkin, the nearly 400 attendees were treated to another outstanding keynote speaker with a Moz connection: Cyrus Shepard, founder of Fazillion. Shepard, the former director of audience development at Moz, wowed the crowd with his personal harrowing story of fighting giardia and…


When to hold a press conference

  To many company executives, their news is the biggest in the world. They want to shout the news from the rooftops with a press conference/news conference, expecting that reporters will cover the story as front page news. But to many reporters, the company news is. . .boring. So how does an organization know when…


Public relations case study: Johnson & Johnson Tylenol crisis

To millions, Tylenol is an effective over-the-counter pain reliever. In public relations circles, however, the 1982 Tylenol recall represents the epitome of crisis communications. At that time, Tylenol was a very important product to its manufacturer, Johnson & Johnson. Tylenol represented 33 percent of the company’s year-to-year profit growth and outsold the next four leading…


Measuring media relations success

  Now that we’ve wrapped up a blog series on when to do media relations, let’s take a look at measuring media relations success. As measuring media relations isn’t an exact science, communicators often have debated appropriate metrics. Some don’t quite cut it, such as advertising equivalency and the use of multipliers. So in 2010,…


The role of public relations in the marketing mix

By Danijela Krstic Commonly known across the marketing world are the “four Ps” of marketing, or the marketing mix. They consist of products (or services), the price of those products, promotion, and place (distribution). While advertising has a very clear place in the promotion part of the marketing mix, the role of public relations can…