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What is public relations (PR)?

When you break down the word public relations it provides a helpful depiction of the specialty field. Public: people, a target audience, consumers, group members, etc. Relations: a connection creating a bond between two things. Therefore, the purpose of public relations is to facilitate, grow and strengthen the relationship between an organization and its people.

As an Accredited public relations professional, I am committed to the ethics of the profession. I know what it takes to succeed with reporters and can help you determine the best possible PR campaign for your organization. Whether you are looking to gain awareness or increase sales, I will work with you to establish the goal of your PR campaign.

A public relations plan has the power to build brand recognition and achieve your business goals. Public relations can:

  • Provide third-party credibility for your product or service
  • Boost employee morale
  • Position your staff as experts in your field
  • Generate buzz for your organization

Let Skogrand PR Solutions help you with:

  • Public relations planning for a PR campaign
  • Media relations
    • Press releases
    • Media advisories
    • Reporter interactions
  • Media training for executives
  • Internal communications
  • Product publicity
  • Financial communications
  • Community relations
  • Event publicity

If you have questions about how public relations can help your business, call Skogrand PR Solutions for a free proposal for your project.

Other Skogrand PR Solutions services include social media strategizing and search engine optimization. Learn how social media and search engine optimization can help your organization reach its goals.